November 5, 2018
November 5, 2018
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I write to you today with another audio book review: “Go Pro”, written by Network Marketing guru Eric Worre…

And I just finished watching an amazing video that Eric has posted on his website, that everyone who is in any way involved with Network Marketing should absolutely watch! (check it out at:


For those of you who may be unable to check out that video right away, here are some of the highlights – to “wet your whistle” just a bit…

The OLD success paradigm in America – that of going to school to get a good education in order to land a good job, and then dedicating the next 30 – 40 years of your life to that job in exchange for being taken care of in your “twilight years” by a company-sponsored Pension – is quickly vanishing…

The NEW direction of corporate America will be towards a performance-based pay system…

You heard me correctly – pretty soon, EVERY high-level job available in America will pay you in much the same way that a waiter/waitress is now compensated – establishing a LOWER Base Salary, with potential Bonuses that will be tied to performance levels…

This new system will more greatly benefit the EMPLOYERS because:

1) If you FAIL to meet your weekly/monthly performance “quotas”, then the company will save the extra money that they would otherwise be paying to you in Performance Bonuses, and..
2) If you MEET/EXCEED your quotas and receive that higher pay (Bonuses), there will be the distinct possibility that the company will then INCREASE your quota levels for the following month/quarter/year – creating a vicious cycle…

This is why Eric believes that Network Marketing is a BETTER way to make money

After all, if you are eventually going to be paid on a performance-based policy anyway, then why put a CEILING on the amount of money that you will be able to make by working for someone else?!?!?!

The SUCCESS aspects of Network Marketing include:

1) Companies would much rather pay for performance and receive word-of-mouth advertising via network marketers (YOU), than to dump that money into the annual salaries of a company Sales Division
2) Word-of-mouth advertising still works EXTREMELY well
3) Network Marketers can enjoy all of the “perks” of being a business owner without having to worry about most of the traditionally-associated risks

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