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November 5, 2018
America the Beautiful
November 5, 2018
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I turn my car into a “mobile university” on a daily basis, as I drive to and from work, by listening to personal growth & development, political, and historical CDs

I will share a brief synopsis of each developmental CD that I listen to as my Blog progresses, but the only true way for you to benefit from them yourself is to pick up a personal copy and ABSORB it…

Today I will be sharing with you one of the ideas introduced by the late, great motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, in his best-selling program “Born to Win”.

In one section of this eye-opening program, Zig relates the power of NEGATIVITY to the training of fleas – he says that in order to train fleas effectively, you must first collect them in a jar that has a lid on it…”fleas JUMP, you know, so you’ve got to keep them contained before you can train them.”

The fleas will continuously jump in an effort to escape their captivity, but in so doing they will repeatedly hit their little heads on the lid of the jar
Still, they continue to jump…

After a while, though, the fleas learn to adjust their jumping height so that they no longer bump their little heads – once this adjustment in jumping height occurs, you can safely remove the lid of the jar because the fleas have now “trained” themselves through negative results to no longer jump high enough to escape

The same phenomenon holds true for HUMAN BEINGS, as well…

You start out life with high hopes, knowing NO limits – a child with the World at your feet – but as you grow older, you accumulate influences from your family, friends, teachers, and various other acquaintances

You tend to become somewhat “jaded” because even though you develop your own internal value system, those values tend to be strongly influenced by the others who were mentioned above – and too many times, unfortunately, you are susceptible to allowing your high hopes to be dashed by the opinions of others…

Those “others” may be operating under the best of intentions, based on their own personal values and beliefs, but they do not always know what is best for YOU – only YOU can truly know that…
Yet you continue to value the opinions of others as TRUTH when it comes to living out your daily life…

How many times have you started a new endeavor with the highest possible levels of personal motivation, only to be tripped up by the “good intentions” of others – stopping your motivation in its tracks?

By allowing the negativity of others to deflate your motivation, you lose your self-confidence because you mistakenly believe that those others know you better than you know yourself…
Before long, you second-guess yourself right out of your previously-motivated mindset, which robs you of the ability and focus necessary for achieving your Dreams…

Therein lies the similarity – the negativity expressed towards us by others is akin to the lid on the jar of fleas – the more often that we allow the negativity of others to minimize our Dreams, the LOWER we set our sights for a successful life…the fewer the number of dreams that we actually pursue….

Do NOT allow this to continue to happen to you – this is YOUR life

Only YOU know what you are capable of…

Live your life according to what YOU believe!

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