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November 5, 2018
November 5, 2018
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If you grew up in the 1980’s lie I did, then you may have been a fan of REO Speedwagon, and their hit song of the same name…

Have you read the book: “The Slight Edge”?

If not, then you SHOULD!

Not only is it eye-opening, but it is chock-full of stories that evolve into metaphors for conveying important messages that strike to the heart of issues that face us all, each and every day
The “slight edge is about doing the small things – things that may not seem to matter very much at the time, but that over time will make all the difference in the world!
Whether that difference is POSITIVE or NEGATIVE, however, will be completely up to YOU…

Here is the key – the decisions that you make on a daily basis will have COMPOUNDING EFFECTS on the rest of your life, for either good or ill…

Let’s look at the world of physical fitness, for example – something that will be easy for you to visualize – such as RUNNING…

Assume that you have decided, New-Year’s-Eve-Resolution-style, that you will start running ½-mile per day in order to get yourself back into “beach shape” by summer…

The act of running that ½-mile each day is easy to do (once you get past the sore muscle barrier), but it is just as easy NOT to do…

Herein lies your dilemma – if you do NOT run on a particular day, are you going to INSTANTLY gain more weight and/or drop dead from a heart-attack?
NO – of course not…

But once you find an excuse to NOT run on that 1st day, then each successive day on which you decide not to run becomes that much easier to reconcile within your own mind…
And if you are at all like ME, then you have already experienced the TRUTH in that statement…

On the flip side – if you bite the bullet and force yourself (and you very well may HAVE to, the first few weeks) to run that ½-mile each and every day, as you had originally decided, then your daily efforts will eventually compound into you achieving your desired level of fitness!

And you can carry over this example into ANY area of your life…

Be aware, however, that seeking positive results in any new endeavor requires a level of FAITH in yourself and your abilities

The “slight edge” encompasses those “little things” – those seemingly (at the time) insignificant decisions – you make every day that COMPOUND ON ONE ANOTHER as you progress through Life…
Be careful, though – like I said before, your daily decisions can compound either POSITIVELY or NEGATIVELY…

The god news is that only YOU have the power to determine in which direction your life will go – if you are brave enough to strike out against the tide and CONSISTENTLY do those things that most people are simply unwilling to do – then you WILL know success!


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