Post-Election Rant

November 5, 2018
November 5, 2018
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Post-Election Rant

I have a few topics that I would like to speak out on – because there is CRAZINESS going on around America right now…


Doesn’t everyone remember all of the vote rigging that was PROVEN to be happening before the election, in various states? That alone should call into question any popular vote lead that is currently being reported by the mainstream media…as a matter of fact – if you take into account all of the votes that were counted from Illegal Immigrants and DEAD PEOPLE, as well as the duplicate votes that were submitted by people who voted in more than 1 state – then Donald Trump would EASILY win the Popular Vote, as well!


While I concede that everyone has the right to hold non-violent protests, that Freedom of Speech does NOT extend to either destruction of public/private property or to violence against other Americans – including Police Officers…

Colleges offering their students “safe spaces” is utterly ridiculous – these kids are going to have to take charge of this country one day, and right now that is a very scary thought…perhaps it is MY generation’s fault because these are our kids – our intention of giving more to our kids than we, ourselves had when growing up has obviously backfired on us…everything from putting our kids in “time out” to giving EVERYONE a “participation trophy” so that the losers did not feel bad about themselves…has NOT set our kids up for success in what is many times a cold and unforgiving world…?


Harboring illegal immigrants – especially those who are recurrent criminals – is ILLEGAL in America…aside from that, this is a dangerous and costly practice – dangerous because some of these illegal immigrants are committing crimes (sometimes fatally) against the legal American citizens who live in these cities…costly because the American taxpayers are footing the bill for the financial and medical support of these illegals…since when are illegal immigrants entitled to better treatment and protections than legal American citizens?!?!?!


Many people are allowing their emotions to drown out what Donald Trump is really saying on this topic:

– Illegal Mexican Immigrants: Donald is immediately concerned with deporting all of the CRIMINAL elements within the immigrant population – some of these criminals have already been deported numerous times, but they always return to America and continue to commit crimes…?! After that, he has said that further deportations will be more closely investigated – he has NOT vowed to rip families apart…he simply desires to make America safer by enforcing the immigration laws that already exist – the same laws that Obama has NOT been enforcing….

– Immigrants from traditionally-terrorist regimes/countries: Donald is seeking a TEMPORARY ban on immigration from countries that have traditionally had ties to terrorist organizations/entities – he has logically suggested this in order to give our American government ample time to figure out the best/safest way forward – he NEVER mentioned any desire to institute any kind of PERMANENT ban on any immigrants…this is similar to an overflowing bathtub in your home – if that happened to you, what is the first thing that you do…? Would you turn off the faucet to stop the in-flow of water BEFORE you try to determine why your tub is overflowing? In essence, we need to temporarily stop the in-flux of these immigrants so that we can determine the best policies/protections to put into place as we move forward


MOST of the mainstream media outlets (newspapers, websites and TV shows) were PROVEN – before the election – to be COMPLETELY BIASED against Donald Trump…they were not at all fair to Donald during his entire campaign, so why does anyone think that things will be any different now that he is our President-Elect? And with the knowledge that these media outlets will stoop to ANY slanderous level to smear Donald Trump and his movement – how can anyone put ANY faith in anything that the media now says…?!?!?!

OK – enough – it is time for everyone in America to take a breath, calm down, and come together to move our country forward…time to honor the voices of the majority of Americans in our democratic society that have spoken out in support of Donald Trump as our 45th President – just as we do every 4 years in our presidential elections, regardless of WHO the elected candidate happens to be….

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