November 5, 2018
November 5, 2018
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We all have our own definition for that word – that concept – what it personally means for each of us…

As such, success can come in many forms – getting your college degree, being a CEO, owning a large house and/or luxury car, achieving Financial FREEDOM…

But what constitutes a good “success formula”?

Well, the possibilities are endless, and here is one that you can start applying right now:

1) Develop a solid PLAN OF ACTION – if you do not know where you are heading and how you are going to get there, then your progress is difficult to track – and you just may end up wasting the best years of your life with stumbling down various paths that NEVER lead you to where you desire to go…

2) Share your STORY – every one of us has a unique story – a lifetime full of happiness, sadness, jubilation, pain…in different combinations and extremes…there is not another person on this planet who shares your exact personality, which is why the world needs you to share YOU with the rest of us!

3) Surround yourself with successful people – SUCCESS, in all actuality, is a TEAM SPORT – none of us could have gotten to the levels of success that we have already achieved by ourselves…

If you are attempting to succeed in a particular endeavor, then it only makes sense for you to seek out the wisdom and experience of those who have gone before you and already achieved success in that particular field…you do NOT have to reinvent the wheel!

4) DON’T QUIT – make no mistake, you WILL run into roadblocks along your path to success – you WILL experience struggles, failures, and frustrations…at times, a sense of overwhelm…
Take heart in the fact that YOU ARE NOT ALONE – many people and resources are always willing and available to help you, if you would simply let go of your ego and realize that you may NOT “know it all”…have a little FAITH…

I want to leave you with an important reflection to ponder…

Think of all of the AMAZING things that you have already accomplished in your life that would not have been possible if you had decided to QUIT early on in the process:
– A Military career
– Landing a lucrative position in a respected company
– Marrying the Love of your Life and raising a beautiful family
– Obtaining your college degree(s)
– Driving
– Playing musical instruments
– Playing sports
– Tying your shoes

Think about it – and don’t be so hard on yourself…

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